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You Can’t Predict the Future

Health insurance services for your next chapter in life – and guaranteed income for life.

Planning for your financial future can be complex. It brings about questions such as, "How much should I budget for health insurance?" or "How can I protect my family and my business?"

With more than 20 years of experience, Phyllis Titko Insurance is here to offer expert advice to you or your business.

We offer:

  • Private Health Insurance Plans
  • Medicare Supplement Insurance
  • Retirement Planning
  • IRAs and ROTH IRA
  • Long Term Care
  • Home Health Care


"Phyllis is very caring and wants to help protect you and your family. She helped us with a good policy to fit our needs. Thanks Phyllis Titko!" - Bob, 2021
"What a super easy process to sign up for long term care insurance!! Now I know that I will have a place to feel safe and receive excellent care if and when I need to be in a long term care facility. Planning ahead is a great way to save money and have peace of mind! Thank you!!" - Kris, 2021
"I have known Phyllis for 20 years, she is honest, conscientious and hard working." - Jamie, 2021
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Phyllis Titko Insurance empowers young professionals, families, seniors, and business leaders to manage their individual situations with proper insurance plans and education in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee.

Protect the health and financial stability of you, your loved ones, or your employees with our comprehensive coverage plans. Whether you're 40 years away from retirement or four, it’s never the wrong time to review your long-term plan and ensure you select the correct options to plan for the future. 

If you are a business owner who wants to educate their employees on healthcare information, bring in our team for a seminar or presentation on long-term healthcare options.

Turning 26?

As soon as you turn 26, the government will take you off your parent's insurance plan. Completely off! You cannot predict the future, but health insurance can keep you protected whenever things happen. If you're looking for coverage an employer cannot provide, have Phyllis Titko Insurance provide you with assistance.

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Phyllis Titko Insurance serves clients in Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.

For more information or to schedule a group presentation or a free consultation: call my cell at (865) 385-1861 or the assistant line at (513) 545-0361 to schedule. You may also e-mail me at

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