Inheritance or Gifting

How generational wealth begins

An inheritance is a way you can leave a gift behind for your loved ones. We can help you with the process of creating these gifts. They can be set up at any time during your lifetime.

In addition, working with Phyllis Titko Insurance greatly reduces the likelihood that your estate will go into probate. This will save your heirs time and money and additional grief.

Common reasons for creating a gift include:

  • Setting Aside Finances For A Loved One’s Education
  • Gifting For The Care Of Grandchildren Or Disabled Family Members


There are many ways to go about dispersing the inheritance funds:

  • Designating Fund Distribution For A Future Timeline
  • Giving Funds In An Outright Lump Sum
  • Distribution Can Be Designated To A Particular Date Or Dates
  • Distribution Can Be Over Time At Named Intervals, Like Monthly Or Yearly Periods

Benefactors can also give the choice of flexible distribution to the beneficiary.

Setting up these guidelines guarantees that the funds will still be there when needed and for the purpose you intended.

If you have questions about how to set up an inheritance fund, contact Phyllis Titko Insurance today.


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